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Postgres (or PostgreSQL) is an open source object-relational database platform with over 30 years of active development. As an enterprise-ready platform, Postgres offers:

  • Extensibility and reliability in both data warehousing and high-volume online transaction processing systems
  • Specialized support for many programming languages
  • A proven track record for high availability, failover capability, and point-in-time recovery

EnterpriseDB Corporation, a third-party support provider, developed a variant of Postgres that contains many of the same data dictionary views and built-in packages found in Oracle. For database administrators, the EDB Migration Toolkit provides tools and procedures to move Oracle data and objects to EnterpriseDB Postgres. EDB's Stored Procedure Language (SPL) is useful to developers given its similarity to Oracle's PL/SQL. For more, see the EnterpriseDB home page.

The UITS DBA team has completed Postgres DBA and developer training. In December 2017, the team officially adopted EnterpriseDB Postgres as an alternative to Oracle.

To request a Postgres server, use the DBA team request form.

Self-service capability

Every EnterpriseDB Postgres server provisioned by the DBA team is deployed with an administrative account called edb_admin. The edb_admin account is a Postgres database user with special privileges that lets you create, remove, and modify databases and database users.

The edb_admin account has access to a growing library of API procedures that extend its capabilities, including locking and unlocking database users and expiring user passwords. For more, see edb_admin API Procedures.

Access EnterpriseDB Postgres

pgAdmin is the official tool for accessing, administering, and interacting with Postgres databases. You can download it at no cost from the pgAdmin home page.

You can also use other free query tools such as DBeaver and Adminer to connect to Postgres and other database platforms like Oracle and MySQL. For more about these and other query tools, see Community Guide to PostgreSQL GUI Tools.

Get help

To get started with EnterpriseDB Postgres, contact the UITS DBA team. For tutorials, see the DBA team Confluence page. If you use the iu-uits-es Slack workspace, you can reach out to the growing community of Postgres users in the #postgrescop channel.

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