Prevent Cyberduck from prompting you for a Duo two-factor login on every file upload or download

If you connect to a remote host that requires two-factor authentication with Duo, Cyberduck will present you with a "Duo two-factor login" prompt for each file it uploads or downloads unless you make the following change to the default configuration:

  1. In Cyberduck, select Edit > Preferences > Transfers > General.
  2. Under "Transfers", use the "Transfer Files" drop-down to select Use browser connection.
Two-factor authentication using Two-Step Login (Duo) is required for access to the login nodes on IU research supercomputers, and for SCP and SFTP file transfers to those systems. SSH public key authentication remains an option for researchers who submit the "SSH public key authentication to HPS systems" agreement (log into HPC everywhere using your IU username and passphrase), in which you agree to set a passphrase on your private key when you generate your key pair. If you have questions about how two-factor authentication may impact your workflows, contact the UITS Research Applications and Deep Learning team. For help, see Get started with Two-Step Login (Duo) at IU and Help for Two-Step Login (Duo).

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