ARCHIVED: Why do I have trouble accessing files on the Indiana Spatial Data Portal?

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While trying to access the Indiana Spatial Data Portal (ISDP) or its online web map services, you may experience one of the following problems:

  • Inability to download files from the ISDP website
  • Inability to download files using the ISDP Multi-file Download tool
  • Inability to view the ISDS from your web browser
  • Inability to create a connection from ArcGIS software to the ISDS

If you are having trouble accessing these files or services, you may need to change your network firewall setting. Some firewalls are configured to automatically block all communication from nonstandard ports. Both the ISDP and ISDS use nonstandard ports for web communication. If you do not have administrative permission to make network updates on your computer, your organization's network administrator may need to make these updates. Note also that some security updates may need to be made at a higher network level than your personal computer. Again, consult your organization's IT staff or network administrator.

To access these services, set your network firewall to allow web communication from the following ports:

  • 8290
  • 8240
  • 8306
  • 8307

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