Troubleshoot problems downloading files from the Indiana Spatial Data Portal

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When you download a spatial data or metadata file from the Indiana Spatial Data Portal (ISDP) using either the Single File Download or the Multi-file Download Tool, you may experience any of the following problems:

  • Your downloaded file may be corrupt or invalid.
  • The zipped archive may be empty.
  • Your browser may time out, resulting in no file being downloaded.

Possible causes

An interrupted network connection can result in a partially downloaded file. Indiana University's I-Light fiber-optic network ensures high-speed connectivity between Indiana's major universities. However, if you attempt to download a county mosaic or other large file (400 MB or more) from the ISDP outside of the I-Light network, a DSL or cable broadband connection does not necessarily ensure that you will have a successful or complete download. The bandwidth, speed, and reliability of your network are crucial for the successful download of large files.


  • When your download appears complete, verify that the size of your downloaded file matches the file size listed on the download page. UITS recommends using a command prompt to list the size of the file; this will display the actual file size listed on a Unix system, while the size reported in Windows Explorer will be slightly different. If the file size on your computer is smaller, an interrupted internet connection is likely the problem. Contact your local internet service provider or network administrator for help with network interruptions. You may also want to check your system's firewall and internet settings to see if they are limiting your download capacity.
  • The greatest demand for files occurs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 1am and 3pm. If you experience problems, try downloading the file again during non-peak hours or on a weekend. The least active download period is between 3am and 7am on Sundays.
  • Most network interruptions are only temporary, lasting a few seconds to a few minutes. If you receive an error message, retry the file download in 10 minutes. If the problem persists, note the error message and contact GIS.

If you have questions, contact GIS.

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