Troubleshoot issues with downloads from the Indiana Spatial Data Portal

Following are answers to potential issues with downloads from the Indiana Spatial Data Portal (ISDP). If you have other questions about ISDP downloads or need help, complete the GIS Help form.

The download service undergoes periodic maintenance during which downloads for ISDP are unavailable. Notices of planned outages are posted at Indiana Spatial Data Portal.
  • If you don't see a requested download listed on your account's My Downloads tab, or if the download link in email is not working:

    The ISDP's My Downloads tab lists all your download requests, including their statuses and download links (if available). Downloads are available for 24 hours after a request is completed; downloads that are no longer available will no longer appear on the My Downloads tab.

    After 24 hours, your download request will no longer be listed on My Downloads, and the emailed download link will no longer work. If you miss the 24 hour deadline, you will need to request the file again.

    If you requested a download within the past 24 hours but do not see it listed on My Downloads, or if you have a non-working download link, complete the GIS Help form.

  • I requested a download but did not receive an email:

    The ISDP is integrated with the IU Scholarly Data Archive (SDA), which provides long-term, disaster-tolerant data archival and distribution capabilities to petabytes of IU data. Because the SDA employs both disk- and tape-based storage, there may be a delay between the time you request the download and the time the file is ready to download; depending on the size of the file, this delay could range in length from a few minutes to several hours while the SDA's robotic tape drive locates and mounts the tape(s) storing the requested file, and then transfers the data from to disk.

    Do not submit multiple requests for the same file within a short period of time; if you have not received your download link in email within four hours of submitting your request, complete the GIS Help form.

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