ARCHIVED: Using Oncourse Messages, how do I view and manage messages?

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The Messages tool is intended for private correspondence with other individuals or groups in your site. Messages are organized into the following default folders:

  • Received
  • Sent
  • Deleted
  • Draft

The following basic functions are available in the Messages tool:

  • To compose a message, click Compose Message. See ARCHIVED: Sending, forwarding, and replying to messages.
  • To create a new personal folder, click New Folder.
  • To forward your messages to an email address of your choosing, click Settings. Next to "Auto Forward Messages", click Yes. Type the email address in the text box, and then click Save Settings.

    Note: You cannot reply to Messages from the forwarded email messages; to reply, go to the Messages tool in your site.

  • You'll see the total number of messages and the number of unread messages for each folder next to the folder's title. To see the contents of a folder, click its name.

Inside a folder, you will see a list of messages arranged by date.

  • To sort messages, click a column title (Subject, Authored By, Date, or Label).
  • To change the way messages are displayed, from the "View" drop-down list, select either All Messages or By Conversation.
  • To view another folder, click Previous Folder or Next Folder.
  • To compose a new message, click Compose Message. See ARCHIVED: Sending, forwarding, and replying to messages.
  • To view the contents of a message, click its subject.
  • To mark messages as read or unread, check the messages you wish to mark, and then click Mark Read or Mark Unread.
  • To move messages to another folder, check the messages you wish to move, and then click Move. Select the destination folder, and then click Move Messages.
  • To delete messages, check the messages you wish to delete, and then click Delete. This moves the messages to the Deleted folder, but does not purge (i.e., permanently delete) them. To purge deleted messages, open the Deleted folder, select the messages you wish to purge, click Delete, and then click Delete Message(s) to confirm.

Inside a message, you will see the message contents and other details.

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