ARCHIVED: At IU, what visualization facilities, systems, applications, and collaborative consulting services do the Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) provide?

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The Indiana University Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL), part of the Visualization and Analytics directorate within the Research Technologies division of UITS, serves as a university-wide resource for visualization technologies, virtual reality and interactive experiences, and advanced digital arts and media. The AVL collaborates with IU students, faculty, and staff to promote the innovative application of advanced visual technologies in research, education, art, and community outreach. AVL staff maintain and provide open access to a variety of advanced visualization hardware and software resources, and share their expertise through a range of consulting, development, and outreach services to support researchers, educators, students, and artists across all departments on every IU campus.

AVL facilities, systems, applications, and collaborative consulting services are made available by the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology (OVPIT) at no direct cost to qualified IU students, faculty, and staff.

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Facilities and systems

AVL facilities are designed to help the IU community effectively use advanced visualization technologies that enable innovative and impactful research, education, creative activity, and community engagement. A variety of AVL technologies are available for routine use, testing, and demonstration. These include:

To reserve an AVL facility, set up an initial project consultation, discuss a potential engagement activity, or arrange a tour, contact the AVL.


The AVL provides a wide variety of open source and licensed applications for visualizing and analyzing data (e.g., ParaView, Tableau, VisIt, and VMD), creating virtual reality and 3D simulations (e.g., instantreality, Unity, and X3D), and processing and playing advanced multimedia (e.g., easyDCP Creator+ and Player+, GigaPan Stitch, and Max/MSP). For more about AVL software, contact the AVL.

Collaboration and consulting

Collaborative partnerships with AVL staff provide visualization, networking, and computational expertise for IU researchers, educators, and creative artists seeking to use advanced visualization technologies to improve the quality of teaching and learning, expand the boundaries of art, and find solutions to difficult problems hidden within massive sets of data.

AVL staff provide consulting and training on advanced media and interactive visualization hardware and software resources, and can help you optimize your current advanced media and interactive visualization software and workflows, or recommend alternatives that may better suit your needs. AVL staff also can help with data translation tasks and offer limited custom software development when no available application meets the needs of your project.

For more about AVL consulting services, contact the AVL.

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