About IUScholarWorks

IUScholarWorks refers to a suite of services from the Indiana University Libraries that includes an institutional repository, journal publishing, and data management options. The IUScholarWorks mission is to expand the dissemination and ensure long-term preservation of IU scholarship.

The IUScholarWorks Repository is built on DSpace open source software, which is widely used to create interoperable digital scholarship repositories. The repository enables IU scholars and academic units to make their scholarly materials accessible to the world at a stable URL, with the assurance they will be maintained over the long term.

The IUScholarWorks Journals Service is built on Open Journal Systems (OJS) open source software, which is used by over 9,000 journal publications worldwide. The Journals service includes a robust editorial workflow system as well as a permanent website for the publication.

The IU Bloomington Data Management Service and IUPUI Data Support provide consultations and workshops on research data management best practices, including how to meet funding agency mandates on public access and data management. Researchers can contact librarians at either campus to have their data management plans vetted, or to obtain help depositing their research data to the IUScholarWorks or IUPUIDataWorks repositories.

Examples of the types of content found in the IUScholarWorks Repository include:

  • Peer-reviewed materials (pre- or post-print, if rights retained)
  • Supplementary materials
  • Gray literature (conference papers, working papers, primary evidence)
  • Dissertations and theses
  • Data sets
  • Student research (with permission of the student and the department)

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