Access IT Notices at IU

IT Notices, posted on Status.IU and updated by the UITS Support Center, provide timely announcements about the Indiana University computing systems, services, and applications that students, faculty, and staff use daily to achieve academic progress and conduct university business. IT Notices include general announcements, listings of scheduled changes and planned maintenance windows, and notices about outages, problems, and interruptions.

For current status updates for UITS systems and services, visit Status.IU. Developers and service owners may pull status information into their applications using the Status.IU API.

To access the latest IT Notices, the following options are available:

Email messages delivered via IU List

To receive IT Notices for all IU campuses via email, subscribe to the notifications-l IU List mailing list. To subscribe, send a blank message to

Status.IU web page

All IT Notices are published at Status.IU.

IU web pages

Active IT Notices are available from the IT Notices menu in the top right corner of some IU web pages (e.g., and

RSS feeds

To get IT Notices via RSS feeds, visit Status.IU. For a feed of all IT Notices, use For any service or service group listed, click the corresponding RSS feed icon, and then subscribe to the feed through your preferred RSS reader. Some IU websites also republish IT Notices via RSS feeds.

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