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The Cyberinfrastructure for Digital Humanities and Creative Activities (CyberDH) group, a unit of UITS Research Technologies, provides services to all practitioners of digital humanities and creative activities on all Indiana University campuses.

CyberDH focuses primarily on activities that leverage IU's research computing services. The group's primary areas of expertise are text analysis, 3D digitization, and creative activities that use advanced media, and virtual and augmented reality technologies.

Secondary areas of expertise include the use of scholarly content management tools (such as WordPress, Omeka, Sketchfab, and Scalar) to support scholarship and teaching.

CyberDH also offers short-term and extended consultations, and extensive training opportunities via workshops and other outreach events.

Text analysis

Research Technologies supports text analysis primarily through the use of Jupyter Notebooks with scripts coded in Python and/or R. These notebooks are annotated for beginning coders. Third-party tools also are supported. For more, see ARCHIVED: Text analysis algorithms supported by CyberDH at IU.

Scholarly content management

CyberDH also supports content management systems for scholarship and access to 3D objects, including Scalar, WordPress, SketchFab, and Omeka.

Creative activities

CyberDH can help enhance your creative activities by supporting your use of augmented and virtual reality technologies, and advanced media capture tools.

CyberDH staff offer expertise with the following software and hardware:

  • Software:
    • MetaShape/PhotoScan
    • Unity
    • Rhino
    • Maya
    • Vuforia
    • Gigapixel
    • ZBrush
  • Hardware:
    • HTC Vive
    • Oculus Go
    • IQ-Walls with stereoscopic capability
    • Matterport
    • Insta360
    • Ricoh Theta

Strategic partnerships

While CyberDH provides support for text analysis, 3D digitization, and digital fine arts projects, the following IU organizations also offer consulting and collaborative opportunities related to digital arts, humanities, and scholarship:

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