ARCHIVED: Completed project: New IUB STC classrooms in Wells Library and McNutt Quad

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Primary UITS contact: Doug Grover

Completed: September 21, 2007

Description: Two 50-seat computer classrooms funded by the campus are being constructed in space provided by Wells Library and Residential Programs and Services (RPS), to be supported by the Student Technology Centers group.

Outcome: Currently, only one STC classroom can accommodate large classes. Two additional classrooms will provide the Bloomington Office of the Registrar with greater flexibility in scheduling, and allow departments with large introductory classes requiring computers to increase the size of their sections for more efficient scheduling of instructional staff.

Milestones and status:

Library 402

  • October 2006: Floor plans completed by University Architect's Office (UAO).
  • Semester break 2006: Demolition and wall construction (the "noisy work") completed.
  • Spring 2007: Electrical rough-in, paint, ceiling, and lighting completed.
  • June 2007: Furniture, electrical finish work, data cabling completed; computers installed.
  • July 13, 2007: Projector and control system, security wiring complete; ADA tables installed; classroom ready for use.

McNutt 001B

  • June 2007: Demolition completed, walls constructed, floor plan completed by UAO.
  • July 13, 2007: Flame Room (MN 001) ceiling and floor replacement complete; MN 001B electrical work substantially complete.
  • July 27: Project slowed due to use of Flame Room by two conferences. Two HVAC fan units on order will not ship until August 8; ceiling completed except where fans will be installed. Projector mounts installed. STC Operations will stage computers and installation materials in the existing classroom, as it appears room may not be ready until Welcome Week.
  • August 10: HVAC fans have shipped; ceiling electrical work on hold until they are installed. Carpet base and molding complete. No word on furniture delivery.
  • August 17: We learn furniture not due to ship until 8/23. Contingency plan is to do electrical and data wiring in standard conduit but not mounted, and for RPS to provide folding tables.
  • August 21: HVAC units arrive, installation completed 8/23. Electrical and data wiring underway.
  • August 23: Folding tables set up, hardware and software installation underway. Chairs delivered.
  • August 24: Hardware installation complete.
  • August 27: Software installation completed over weekend, classroom ready for use.
  • August 28: Tables delivered, installation takes place outside Flame Room, adding to the fun of the first days of fall semester.
  • August 31: Half the temporary tables are swapped out for permanent tables Thursday night. With no classes on Friday, electricians permanently install conduit on the new tables, and STC Operations reinstalls computers removed Thursday night. Remaining tables to be installed September 7.
  • September 7: Remaining temporary tables replaced by permanent computer tables. Electricians and IU Electronics finish installation of conduit and security wiring. Project complete.

Related information: Visual documentation of this project did not begin until the Library 402 classroom was substantially complete.

View a photo gallery of the two classrooms and other summer renovation projects.

Project team:

  • Tim Spears, STC
  • Frank Young, UAO
  • Kelly Reed, UAO
  • Michele Bowlen, RPS Facilities Management
  • Don Allbright, RPS Facilities Management
  • JoEllen Baldwin, Space Management

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