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Primary UITS contacts: Mark Bruhn, Marge Abels

Completed: August 12, 2008

Description: Implement a web-based, externally hosted event notification service. The project began in mid-2006 with exploration of various options/offerings; additional priority and emphasis were placed on the project in early 2007, following tragic events at Virginia Tech, and subsequent discussions among the President, Provost, President-elect, Chancellors, Board of Trustees, and emergency planners about the lack of a means to communicate effectively with (primarily) students in case of an emergency.

Outcome: A service through which the university can communicate with students, faculty, staff, and others who have reason to be on IU campuses regularly; for controlled, regular announcements; and as a component of a set of overlapping emergency/immediate alert systems.

Milestones and status:

The aggressive project schedule is as follows:

  • April/May 2007: Finalize requirements and develop RFP Completed
  • May 11, 2007: Distribute RFP Completed
  • June 11, 2007: RFP responses due Completed
  • June 11-July 6, 2007: Choose finalist vendors Completed
  • July 9-15, 2007: Vendor demos Completed
  • July 16, 2007: Announce selected vendor through the selected service Completed
  • October 15-November 15, 2007: Initial discussion and resolution of issues and concerns Completed
  • October 15-December 31, 2007: Phased addition of contact information Completed
  • October 31, 2007: Have limited (email) communications capability Completed
  • November 2007-present: Continued discussions and resolution of issues and concerns Ongoing
  • December 31, 2007: Fully functional service Completed
  • April 2008: IUPUI campus test Completed
  • June 2008: IUPUI used the system for communications during an A/C event on campus
  • July 2008: Regional campus testing (IUK and IUSB)
  • September 2008: IUB campus test

Update: A contract has been finalized with Blackboard Connect (which now owns NTI Group, Inc.), for use of its Connect-ED service. This notification service will be a primary component of IU's communications service called IU-Notify. Other components include campus sirens, emergency radios, broadcast media, and classroom notification capabilities (which are being explored).

To facilitate the successful implementation of the notification system, a technical implementation team has determined the process and successfully set up the daily transfer of data from IU to the Connect-ED system. A communications team consisting of representatives from each of the IU campuses has been formed to determine the communications plan to increase awareness, educate the campus community on the use of the system, and carry out these communication strategies.

A policy/strategy group has been formed to discuss issues related to policy, privacy, usage, etc. This group consists of a variety of individuals who represent certain constituencies or are valuable to the project because of their expertise.

As of December 20, 2007, Emergency Management Teams for all of the eight IU campuses have been trained on how to use the system. These emergency planners are developing scripts that will be loaded into the Connect-ED system and used in emergency situations to alert members of the IU community. Emergency planners are also working to determine roles for key users in the system, which assigns the level of access each user has to send messages.

Comment process: Send email to


  • Replace current ad hoc mass/targeted email communications processes
  • Provide a means of communicating with members of the university community at various organizational levels in case of emergency (as part of a set of alert methods, e.g., sirens, public address)
  • Afford students and parents additional assurance and comfort

Primary client: University and campus administrators and emergency planners

Client impact: Clients will have more flexibility in developing and targeting regular/periodic mailings to all or to segments of the university population.

Certain authorized administrators will be able to send emergency communications to individuals via myriad methods (email, cell voice, office voice, text message, etc.) simultaneously and nearly immediately. The system likely will also act as an extension of current and planned local and campus alarm systems, as part of a cohesive emergency notification web.

Project implementation team and advisors:

  • Marge Abels, IU Emergency Management and Continuity, OVPURAPP
  • Troy Barnes, IU Emergency Management and Continuity, OVPURAPP
  • Mary Lou Emmons, IU Emergency Management and Continuity, OVPURAPP
  • Michelle Dugger, Purchasing
  • Kirk White, University Community Relations
  • Larry Stephens, Office of Risk Management
  • Ken Long, Office of Risk Management
  • Bob True, IUPUI Police
  • Rich Strong, IUPUI Environmental Health and Safety
  • Tom Davis, OVPIT/IIA Policy and Security
  • Alan Walsh, UITS Enterprise Infrastructure
  • UITS/ES application area developers
  • UITS/ES OneStart portal developers

Governance: Mark Bruhn, Executive sponsor, Associate Vice President, Information and Infrastructure Assurance

Project policy/strategy team:

Margaret Abels BL
DR/Business Continuity Program Manager
Karen Adams BL President's Chief of Staff
John Applegate BL
Executive Director for Academic Affairs
Troy Barnes BL
IIA Business Continuity Program Analyst
Robert Becker BL Exec. Assoc. Dean, COAS
Mark Bruhn BL Associate Vice President, IIA
Keith Cash BL IUB Police
Beth Cate BL Associate University Counsel
Kip Drew BL Associate University Counsel
Dorothy Frapwell BL
Vice President and General Counsel
Gerardo Gonzalez BL Dean, School of Education
Jan Holloway BL UITS Communications Manager
Kenneth Long BL
Assistant Director, Crisis/Disaster Operations, ORM
Lawrence MacIntyre BL Director of Media Relations
Richard McKaig BL
Dean of Students and VP/Student Affairs
Jerry Minger BL IUB Police
Suzanne Phillips BL
Assistant Dean of Students and liaison to parents
Daniel Rives BL
Associate Vice President, Human Resources
Lauren Robel BL Dean, School of Law
Duane Schau BL
Chief Information Officer, IU Alumni Association
Jeanne Sept BL
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculties
Larry Stephens BL
Director, Office of Risk Management
Paul Sullivan BL
Deputy Vice President for Administration
Kirk White BL
Director of Community Relations
Charles Zorn BL
Interim Dean and Professor, SPEA
Bill Fields CO
Interim Director of Information Technology
John Greenwell CO
Director of Marketing and Recruitment
Dan Dooley EA
Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
Troy Brown IN
Executive Director of Communications and Marketing
Michael Cozmanoff IN
Special Assistant Vice Chancellor & Director of Administrative Services
Christine Fitzpatrick IN Communications officer
Tralicia Lewis IN
Director of Student Rights/Dean of Students
Rich Schneider IN Director of Media Relations
Robert True IN IUPUI Police
Karen Whitney IN
Dean of Students and Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Diversity
Timothy Sehr KO
Interim Vice Chancellor for Administration, CFO & CIO
William Yost KO
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
Denson Chatfield NW Police Chief
Kathryn Manteuffel NW
Manager of Environmental Health and Safety
Michelle Searer NW
Director, Office of Marketing and Communications
Marilyn Vasquez NW
Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs/Interim VC for IT
Pat Ames SB
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
Kenneth Baierl, Jr. SB
Director of Communications and Marketing
Marty Gersey SB Police Chief
Lawrence Mand SE Vice Chancellor for IT
Robert Snip SE Director, Physical Plant

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