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Primary UITS contact: Martin J. Wagner, Enterprise Web Technical Services

For questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas, please send email to IU Podcasting Services.

Completed: August 1, 2011


Outcome: Podcast syndication, storage, and delivery services for IU; encoding, storage, and syndication to multiple content distribution channels

Milestones and status:

  • Podcast producer pilot complete
  • Matterhorn investigation complete
  • Research running Matterhorn on Intelligent Infrastructure Linux, working with Opencast community
  • Developing Matterhorn Client using Epiphan Lecture Recorder
  • Apple announced discontinuation of Xserve
  • Fall course capture using Podcast Producer, Oncourse, and iTunes U in progress
  • Classroom Capture Status Page created at
  • Classroom client development complete for Epiphan Systems Lecture Recorder
  • WebTech services testing Matterhorn 1.0
  • Opencast Matterhorn now a 1.0 release
  • New classroom client development started on Epiphan Systems Lecture Recorder
  • IU on iTunes U mobile edition available at
  • IU grant commitment to Opencast Matterhorn complete
  • Pilot plans for fall semester underway
  • iTunes U private site archiving process design underway with collaboration from Oncourse team
  • Opencast Matterhorn now a 0.8 release
  • Implementation underway for summer and fall semesters for Course Capture
  • iTunes U storage planning underway
  • Migrating media and RSS file storage off of Mac OS X servers onto Intelligent Infrastructure
  • Planning underway for summer and fall semesters for Course Capture
  • Opencast Matterhorn now a 0.5 release
  • Podcast team assigned release management for Opencast Matterhorn
  • Spring course capture underway for Course Capture
  • Podcast team and IT Professional Services and Support upgraded Mac OS X Server from 10.5 to 10.6 Snow Leopard
  • Podcast team upgraded classroom captures agents from 10.5 to 10.6 Snow Leopard
  • UITS Learning Management Systems working on web services for Course Capture
  • IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning and IUB Teaching and Learning Technologies Centers working for faculty for Course Capture
  • Planning underway for next phase of Course Capture project
  • Faculty Administration tool under development for Course Capture
  • Opencast Matterhorn project awarded funding from Mellon and Hewlett foundations; watch video of the announcement on YouTube.
  • Oncourse team successfully added additional functionality to the Podcast tool. This integrates Podcast Producer with Oncourse.
  • Fall Podcast Course Capture project is underway.
  • Staff from Web Technical Services will travel to Zurich for the next Opencast Matterhorn meeting.
  • Oncourse Team working on additional features to existing Podcast Tool
  • Podcast Team working with Oncourse Team on developing a web service for Podcast Tool
  • Podcast Team working with Classroom Technology and Local Support Provider Services on Podcast Producer Pilot for fall Semester
  • Opencast Matterhorn development began July 1st.
  • UITS Podcast team members Martin J. Wagner and Manjit Trehan are developing distributions services for Project Matterhorn.
  • Staff from Web Technical Services attended the Matterhorn Leadership Meeting in Berkeley, CA.
  • Enterprise Web Technical Services, in collaboration with Classroom Technology Services and Local Support Provider (LSP) Services, will be moving forward with the Classroom Podcast Capture Project (PcP).
  • Classroom Podcast Capture Project Proposal (named Podcast Producer Project or PcP) approved February 18, 2009
  • IU debuts in iTunes U top 20 downloads after going public
  • points to the IU public iTunes U space as of December 23, 2008.
  • IU on iTunes U publicly available in the Apple iTunes Store as of December 23, 2008
  • iTunes U redesign in progress, October 1, 2008
  • Staff from Web Technical Services attended the Opencast Deep Dive October 16-17, 2008.
  • IU Podcast Portal was updated with the new PodPress feature on the main page:
  • Podcast Team is researching classroom capture solutions.
  • In June, members from Web Technical Services and Course Management Systems (now Learning Management Systems) were involved with OpenCast planning activities at UC Berkeley.
  • Oncourse podcast tool live
  • iTunes U integration with Oncourse in production March 13, 2008
  • iTunes U (see the ARCHIVED: iTunes U pilot project page)
  • IU Podcast Portal Registration System under development, available spring 2008; allows existing podcasts to be searchable in the IU Podcast Portal
  • Proof of concept underway for Podcast Producer, a complete, end-to-end solution for encoding, publishing, and distributing high-quality podcasts
  • IU Podcast Portal officially launched February 4, 2008
  • IU in conversations with University of California - Berkeley about OpenCast, a Sakai-integrated open source classroom podcast capture system
  • Faculty Podcast Initiative open for proposals February 25, 2008; deadline for proposals March 24, 2008
  • 51 individual podcasts and 559 episodes in the IU Podcast Portal as of February 22, 2008


  • The Oncourse podcast tool allows instructors to upload podcasts and distribute them to students enrolled in their courses.
  • The agreement with Apple provides IU with 500GB of storage on iTunes U, available for course and university podcasts.
  • The podcast portal provides the ability to browse and search public IU podcasts available for subscription and download.

Project team:

  • Martin J. Wagner, project manager, Podcast Portal, iTunes U, Course Capture, Opencast Matterhorn
  • Manjit Trehan, developer, Podcast Portal, iTunes U, Course Capture, Opencast Matterhorn
  • David Poindexter, developer, Podcast Portal, iTunes U, Course Capture
  • Kevin Trehan, developer, Podcast Portal, Course Capture
  • Sumit Lonkar, developer, Podcast Portal, Course Capture

Project partners:

  • UITS Enterprise Web Technical Services (Podcast Portal, iTunes U, Course Capture, Opencast)
  • UITS Communications (Podcast Portal, iTunes U)
  • UITS Learning Management Systems (iTunes U, Course Capture)
  • University Communication (Podcast Portal, iTunes U)
  • Office of Creative Services (Podcast Portal, iTunes U)
  • Classroom Technology Services (Course Capture)
  • IT Training - Amy Neymeyr (Podcast Portal, iTunes U)
  • Local Support Provider (LSP) Services - Mark Kerr (Course Capture)
  • IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning - Randy Newbrough (Course Capture)
  • IUB Teaching and Learning Technologies Centers - Kathryn Propst (Course Capture)


  • Podcast Implementation Team: Outline relationships between all internal and external groups involved in the project; ensure procurement of required approvals and direction at appropriate stages
  • Podcast Marketing Group: Describe proper flow of information to all stakeholders
  • Podcast Strategy: Ensure appropriate review of issues encountered

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