ARCHIVED: At IU, what was Big Red?

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Note: Big Red, originally commissioned in 2006, was retired from service on September 30, 2013. Its replacement, Big Red II, is a hybrid CPU/GPU Cray XE6/XK7 system capable of achieving a theoretical peak performance (Rpeak) of 1 petaFLOPS, making it one of the world's fastest research supercomputers. For more, see ARCHIVED: Get started on Big Red II. If you have questions or concerns about the retirement of Big Red, contact the High Performance Systems group.

Big Red was an integral part of IU's comprehensive strategy to build an advanced research cyberinfrastructure. When it was commissioned in 2006, Big Red, with a theoretical peak performance of more than 40 teraFLOPS, was one of the most powerful university-owned computers in the US, and one of the 50 fastest supercomputers in the world.

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