ARCHIVED: Completed project: Network Master Plan

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Primary UITS contact: Becky Markland

Completed: April 1, 2010

Description: Develop a 10-year comprehensive technical and financial plan for IUB and IUPUI communications infrastructure for the delivery of voice, data, video, and multimedia. The plan should cover the wire plants, wire closets, wireless access capabilities, switches, and routers.

Outcome: A comprehensive long-range technical and financial plan for communication infrastructure outlining clear technology directions, detailed implementation plans, planned technology refresh cycles, full cost analysis, and funding models

Milestones and status:

  • July 2007 to October 2007:
    • Enterprise Infrastructure, Networks, and Applied Technology Lab staff worked on detailed technical plan for wire plant, switches, routers, wireless access points, video delivery systems, and other related infrastructure.
    • Status meetings were held on August 8, 2007, and September 4, 2007, with project team, project sponsor, and AVPs.
    • Made site visits to universities that may serve as models for IU:
      • North Carolina State, September 5, 2007
      • University of Arizona, September 19-20, 2007
    • Detailed technical plans were submitted to project sponsor on October 31, 2007.
  • November 2007 to March 2009:
    • Performed executive review of technical plans Completed November 8, 2007
    • Reviewed and performed wire closet inventory Completed December 1, 2007
    • Import wire closet inventory into database Completed
    • Review proposals, implementation plans, and budgets with teams Completed
    • Complete cost and priority analysis 100% Complete
    • Devise funding models 100% complete
    • Complete the financial plan 100% complete
    • Deputy CIO and Finance Officer present plan to CIO Completed
    • Present Technical and Business plan to CIO for approval 100% complete
    • Vice President for IT & CIO, Dean, and Professor present IU network Master Plan (2008-2017) plan to President's Cabinet Completed March 30, 2009

Comment process: Send email to Becky Markland.


  • Long-term coordinated and coherent Network Master plan
  • Higher bandwidth allowing for innovation in research and instruction
  • Support for voice, video, and data over a converged network
  • Improved economics of a converged network
  • Improved management capabilities
  • Enhanced security and policy capabilities

Project manager: Becky Markland

Project executive sponsor: Laurie Antolovic', Deputy CIO

Project team:

  • Tim Fisher, Financial Planning, Budget Administration and Accounting
  • Paul Clegg, Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Matt Davy, Networks
  • Kaye Davidson, Support
  • Mike Enyeart, Applied Technology Lab
  • Dennis Gillespie, Support
  • Kirt Guinn, Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Jon-Paul Herron, Networks
  • Al Hodgen, Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Mike Lucas, Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Becky Markland, Strategic Business Planning
  • Tom Zeller, Applied Technology Lab


  • Dennis Cromwell, Associate Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Dave Jent, Associate Vice President, Networks
  • Sue Workman, Associate Vice President, Support

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