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Primary UITS contact: Matt Link

Completed: January 23, 2008

Description: Indiana University has received a series of hardware grants from IBM, Inc., via the Shared University Research (SUR) grant program, and has received one cash grant and one development contract from IBM as well.

IU's most current SUR grant was entitled "Taming the data deluge: New tools for managing massive data sets". This project is now complete. A final project report is in preparation. Key outcomes include the following:

  • Use of Big Red in support of the LEAD gateway project led by Drs. Dennis Gannon and Beth Plale
  • Delivery of bioinformatics data via web services for the MutDB system, managed by Sean Mooney of the IU School of Medicine

A summary of the IBM SUR grants received by IU follows:

  • D. Scott McCaulay, Matthew Link, Beth Plale, Sean Mooney, Randall Bramley, Randy Heiland, Andrew Arenson, Eric Wernert, Craig A. Stewart. 2006. Taming the data deluge: New tools for managing massive data sets. IBM Hardware Grant.
  • Craig A. Stewart, James Glazier, Peter Ortoleva, Geoffrey Fox, Randall Bramley, David Hart, Mary Papakhian, Michael A. McRobbie. 2003. Three dimensional and multi-scale cell modeling. IBM Hardware Grant.
  • Craig A. Stewart, Michael A. McRobbie, Ora Pescovitz, Howard Edenberg, Mehmet Dalkilic, John C. Huffman, Peter Cherbas, Sun Kim, Vadim Moskvin, Mary Papakhian, Anurag Shankar, Richard Repasky, David Hart, Don Steward. 2002. Data-intensive and distributed computing in the life sciences. IBM Hardware Grant.
  • Craig A. Stewart, Michael A. McRobbie, Gerry Bernbom, Kenneth Dunn, Shiaofen Fang, David Hart, Gary Hutchins, Bruce Molitoris, Snehasis Mukhopadhyay, Peter Ortoleva, Mathew Palakal, Rajeev Raje, Richard Repasky, Eric Wernert. 2001. Information technology applications for the life sciences. IBM Hardware Grant.
  • Michael A. McRobbie, Craig A. Stewart, Randall Bramley, Dennis Gannon, Mathew Palakal, Rajeev Raje, Snehasis Mukhopadhyay, Shawn Slavin, Haldan Cohn, Phyllis Lugger, D.F. McMullen, John Huffman, Glenn Martyna. 2000. Tightly integrated distributed supercomputing - the Indiana TeraCloud. IBM Hardware Grant.
  • Randall Bramley, Michael A. McRobbie, Craig A. Stewart, Zdzislaw Meglicki, D.F. McMullen, Gerry Bernbom. 1999. Infrastructure for deep computing: High Performance Computing component technologies and transparent, unlimited I/O in support of data-intensive research. IBM Hardware Grant.
  • Randall Bramley, Michael A. McRobbie, Craig A. Stewart, Christopher Peebles, D.F. McMullen, Zdzislaw Meglicki, J. Villacis, T. Stuckey. 1998. Development of parallel component technologies for high-performance computing. IBM Hardware Grant.
  • D. Fenske and J.W. Dunn. 1997. Digital Libraries - Variations. IBM Hardware Grant.
  • Christopher Peebles and Dennis Gannon. 1996. Distributed supercomputing with CORBA. IBM Hardware Grant.

In addition, IU has received one cash grant and one development contract from IBM, as follows:

  • Mehmet Dalkilic and Craig A. Stewart. 2002. Development of the Protein Family Annotator. Joint Development Contract. $35,000.
  • Craig A. Stewart, Peter Ortoleva, James Glazier, David Hart. 2004. Three dimensional cell modeling. IBM Life Sciences Institute of Innovation Grant. $297,305.

Outcome and benefits:

The IU/IBM collaboration has been tremendously valuable to both entities. The string of hardware grants over nearly a decade has added substantially, and on an ongoing basis, to IU's supercomputer assets. Furthermore, the value of the intellectual collaboration has accelerated IU research.

Anyone who has used IU's IBM AIX supercomputers in the last decade (an IBM SP2, IBM SP, and Regatta node), the IU Digital Library Program Variations service, or Big Red has benefited from the IBM SUR grants and IBM Life Science Institute of Innovation awards to IU. Literally hundreds of scholarly publications have resulted from the use of equipment provided at least in part by IBM SUR Grants. The following faculty members have been involved in these grants:

  • Randall Bramley
  • Peter Cherbas
  • Haldan Cohn
  • Mehmet Dalkilic
  • Howard Edenberg
  • Geoffrey Fox
  • Dennis Gannon
  • James Glazier
  • Randy Heiland
  • John C. Huffman
  • Sun Kim
  • Phyllis Lugger
  • Glenn Martyna
  • Michael A. McRobbie
  • Sean Mooney
  • Vadim Moskvin
  • Snehasis Mukhopadhyay
  • Peter Ortoleva
  • Mathew Palakal
  • Ora Pescovitz
  • Christopher Peebles
  • Beth Plale
  • Rajeev Raje

The following graduate students have also been named as investigators on SUR grants:

  • Shawn Slavin
  • T. Stuckey
  • J. Villacis

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UITS sponsor: Craig Stewart, Associate Dean, Research Technologies

UITS involvement: This project involves Research Technologies generally. In the past, it has involved Pervasive Technology Labs and the Digital Library Program as well.

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