ARCHIVED: Completed project: IUPUI Jump Start Online Course Development Grants

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Primary UITS contact: Randy Newbrough

Completed: November 27, 2007

Description: IUPUI's Jump Start program offers instructional design and production support to faculty as they use technology to enhance gateway courses, general studies degree completion courses, and professional degrees and/or certificates. The program is a part of a larger IUPUI project that aims to transform teaching and learning through the use of technology, creating a richer, more supportive environment while realizing fiscal efficiencies. Jump Start is conducted through the Center for Teaching and Learning and is a joint initiative with UITS.

Jump Start begins with an intensive four-day workshop that focuses on best practices in online course design and starts faculty working with a support team consisting of an instructional design consultant, an instructional technology consultant, an information resources consultant, and a representative from UITS Media Design and Production who provides multimedia development support for the course. By the end of the Jump Start workshop, the faculty member, in conjunction with the support team, has created the design document for a prototype module for the course and developed a work plan for the creation of the rest of the course. After Jump Start week is completed, the faculty member continues to work with the team to produce content for the course on a schedule specified in the work plan they developed. Courses in the summer Jump Start program are developed over an 80-day time period.

Outcome: This project will provide support for faculty at IUPUI and IUPUC with:

  • Instructional design assistance in course redesign and development
  • Information resources support
  • Assistance in determining student information literacy skills
  • Instructional technology consulting on use of appropriate support technologies
  • Multimedia development support through UITS Media Design and Production
  • Copyright compliance consulting
  • Peer mentoring with prior faculty grant recipients

Milestones and status: Since 2003, 59 online courses have been created in the Jump Start program.

Reusable learning objects: Since 2003, this project has prioritized efficiency by encouraging grant recipients to repurpose multimedia objects and templates. To this end, a repository has been created for course templates for use by others. In addition to the template repository, standard custom Flash animations are easily repurposed for faculty to be reused with minimal effort.

UITS Media Design and Production also developed a Flash animation generator funded by the AT&T Fellows grant program called INLET, which allows faculty to create their own interactive Flash animations without knowing Flash.

Project team:

  • Center for Teaching and Learning
    • Megan Palmer
    • Dakin Burdick (UITS)
    • Tom Janke (UITS)
    • Randy Newbrough (UITS)
    • Lorie Shuck (UITS)
    • Nelson Soto
    • Terri Tarr (UITS)
    • Lynn Ward
  • UITS Media Design and Production
    • David Donaldson
    • Vince Cannon
    • Lisa Duvall
    • Jay Hagenow
    • Michael Jasiak
    • Erik Scull

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