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The Quick View tab in IUIE allows you to display the last output generated from any selected scheduled report. Under the Quick View tab, you can place a link to the most recent report for a scheduled job. Rather than having to navigate through My Catalog and Completed Reports, you can directly access scheduled reports through Quick View.

General layout

  • Selecting Quick View displays report links on the subtab bar in alphabetical order by report title.
  • Each link represents the most recent output from a scheduled job.
  • Report output is displayed in the content area under the links.
  • Each report display has a link to make it the default report. If this link has been used, the associated report appears in the content area whenever the Quick View tab is selected.
  • If no report has been selected as the default, the first report is displayed.


To add an output link to Quick View:

  1. Access a report object, and set the desired parameter values. Select Save Settings, and then select Schedule. Alternatively, view an existing scheduled job in My Catalog.
  2. Check Add Link to Output in Quick View.
  3. Schedule the job for the appropriate time.

To remove an output link from Quick View:

  1. View an existing scheduled job in My Catalog.
  2. Either uncheck Add Link to Output in Quick View, or check Disable schedule for this report object.

To set the default output display:

  1. Select the Quick View link that is to be displayed by default.
  2. Select Set as default Quick View page link.

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