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In Indiana University's Exchange Online environment, you can remotely manage some aspects of a mobile device with Outlook on the web and Exchange ActiveSync.

Outlook on the web has the same functionality across major browsers in most cases. For help using Outlook on the web, with your Inbox displayed, click ? (the question mark) at the top right.

Access a list of mobile devices synchronized with your Exchange account

To access a list of mobile devices synchronized with your Exchange account:

  1. Select the gear icon.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, choose View all Outlook settings.
  3. Select General, and then choose Mobile devices.
  4. Hover over the device line to make available device management options appear.

Manage the mobile devices synchronized with your Exchange account

Once you've accessed a list of your synced mobile devices, you can see details about each device, including its type and the first and last times the device was synchronized.

Using the "Mobile devices" screen in Outlook on the web, you may end an ActiveSync partnership with a mobile device, wipe all the data from a device, or gain access to a device for which you have lost the password. If multiple devices are associated with your account, highlight the device you wish to modify before selecting the desired feature.

  • Details: Select a mobile device from the list, and then choose the pencil icon. This will display details about the device, including name, type, and the last successful synchronization time and date.
  • Delete: To remove a device from the list, select the device, and then choose the trash can icon above. This will immediately end a partnership between the mobile device and the Exchange server. Use this if a device is lost or stolen, or if you purchase a new device and want to stop delivery to the old unit. (IU allows partnerships with up to 10 mobile devices.)
  • Refresh: Select the Refresh icon (two circular arrows) to update the list of mobile devices that are synchronizing with your mailbox. If you have configured a new device and it doesn't appear in the list, check the ActiveSync settings on that device.
  • Enable logging: If your device can't synchronize or is not synchronizing correctly, your administrator may ask for the device's log file, which contains technical details related to synchronization. To retrieve the log for your mobile device, select the device from the list, choose the Enable logging icon (resembles a sheet of paper with lines of writing on it), and follow the prompt. You will receive an email message in your Inbox with the log file attached.
  • Wipe all data: This feature resets the device back to its original state. Be aware that this will erase all personal data and settings on the device and return it to the factory defaults. This will also affect external storage cards that may be in the device.

    To wipe a device, select it, and then choose the icon that resembles an eraser in front of a tablet or phone screen. It will be on the immediate right of the Delete (trash can) icon. The command will take effect after the device's next successful sync with the server.

    You must remove the unit from the device list once the device wipe command has succeeded. If not, the next time you set up the ActiveSync partnership with the same device, it will attempt to wipe itself again.

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