ARCHIVED: Using the IU Podcast Portal, how do I subscribe and listen to podcasts?

This content has been archived, and is no longer maintained by Indiana University. Information here may no longer be accurate, and links may no longer be available or reliable.
UITS is working on retiring the Podcast Portal. On Friday, March 16, 2018, will point to Kaltura. Content has been migrated from the old portal to Kaltura. Content subscribers will need to re-subscribe to the RSS feed due to the changed podcast URLs as a result of this migration.

To access podcast content from the Indiana University Podcast Portal:

  1. Access the IU Podcast Portal at
  2. To locate the podcast you want, use the menus on the left to browse by topics or categories, or use the "Search Podcasts" tool. When you find the podcast you want, click its title or corresponding icon to access the list of available episodes.
  3. To download an individual episode, click Download next to the appropriate episode.

    To subscribe to a podcast, click Subscribe near the top of the podcast's page. Your browser will attempt to launch iTunes to subscribe to the podcast. If you do not have iTunes installed, you can download it here.

    If you want to use a different podcatcher, right-click the orange RSS icon, and then copy and paste the feed URL into your podcatcher.

To receive automatic updates whenever new episodes are available, subscribe to a podcast's RSS feed. To do so, right-click the RSS icon (the orange box with white "waves"), copy the podcast RSS URL into your clipboard, and then paste it into your preferred podcatcher application.

Web browsers will attempt to render the podcast portal's RSS URL. Because of differences between browsers, the resulting display will look different from browser to browser. The podcast portal uses RSS 2.0, which is geared toward podcatchers and not web browsers.

Many podcatchers, including iTunes, offer the option of downloading all previous episodes of a podcast, which can be useful for catching up with the podcast, as many podcasts tend to build on previous episodes.

After you are subscribed to a podcast in your podcatcher, any future episodes will automatically download onto your computer, provided that you are connected to the Internet at the time the program updates. Many podcatchers offer the option to update on demand, if you're not connected to the Internet when the program is normally set to run.

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