ARCHIVED: Using the IU Podcast Portal, how do I create a new podcast?

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UITS is working on retiring the Podcast Portal. On Friday, March 16, 2018, will point to Kaltura. Content has been migrated from the old portal to Kaltura. Content subscribers will need to re-subscribe to the RSS feed due to the changed podcast URLs as a result of this migration.

To create a new podcast using the Indiana University Podcast Portal:

  1. Access the IU Podcast Portal at
  2. At the top right, click Author Sign-In. Log in using your IU username and passphrase.
  3. Click to select the provider you were assigned when you created your account (e.g., UITS).
  4. On your "Podcast Maintenance" page, under "Create New Podcast", fill out the form fields:
    • Title: The title will display on the main page, as well as in the podcast or title field in the subscriber's podcatcher.
    • Link: Enter a link to a web page with more information about the podcast, such as credits, author biography, organizational information, or publishing schedule.
    • Language: Leave the default language set to English unless you're publishing in another language.
    • Keywords: Enter terms (separated by commas) that will help a user find your podcast when using the search feature. Choose keywords that are relevant to the content of your podcast.
    • Artwork: To choose from artwork created previously, click Show Artwork Selector, and then click the appropriate icon to select the artwork you want to use. To upload new artwork, click Show Artwork Selector, and then, under "Upload Artwork", click Browse to locate the artwork on your computer. Once you locate your artwork file, click the filename, and then click Open. When you've selected the correct file, click Go! to upload it.
    • Topics: Default values are pre-selected. Use the checkboxes to select topics appropriate to your podcast content.
    • Affiliation: Default values are pre-selected. Use the checkboxes to select affiliations appropriate to your podcast content.
    • Campus: Default values are pre-selected. Use the checkboxes to select campuses appropriate to your podcast content.
  5. To finish creating your new podcast, click New Podcast. At this point, the portal will be ready to accept your first episode.
For policy information on podcast content at Indiana University, refer to Protect IU: Policies from the University Information Policy Office (UIPO). In particular, see Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (IT-01).

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