ARCHIVED: Completed project: Incident Response Web Service

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Primary UITS contact: Jonny Sweeny

Completed: March 20, 2009

Description: The Incident Response Web Service will enhance communication about network blocks placed by the University Information Policy and Security Offices. It will provide an improved interface for IT staff to look up information about blocks and a place for end users to identify and unblock network connections.


  • Phase I: Create central resource for network blocks
  • Phase II: Provide unblock ability for IT staff
  • Phase III: Provide self-service unblock for end users
  • Phase IV: Combine file sharing website
  • Phase V: Add automation to incident report processing
  • Phase VI: Add reports, graphs, trends, etc.

Milestones and status:

  • October 23, 2007: Phases I and II go live.
  • August 7, 2008: Phases III and IV go live.
  • January 2009: Phases V and VI go live.


  • Increase effectiveness of UITS Support Center staff in identifying blocked network connections
  • Dramatically decrease the delay from the time a user's computer is rebuilt until it is unblocked
  • Streamline the University Information Policy Office's response to unblock requests

Related information: Website:

Client impact: The system will provide more information to end users and a website where they can resolve and unblock their network blocks.

Project team:

  • Jonny Sweeny, Incident Response Manager
  • Jason Abels, University Information Policy Office

Governance: Jonny Sweeny, Incident Response Manager

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