ARCHIVED: Using the IU Podcast Portal, what's the difference between creating a new podcast and registering a podcast?

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UITS is working on retiring the Podcast Portal. On Friday, March 16, 2018, will point to Kaltura. Content has been migrated from the old portal to Kaltura. Content subscribers will need to re-subscribe to the RSS feed due to the changed podcast URLs as a result of this migration.

Using the Indiana University podcast portal, you can create a new podcast feed and upload episodes to the podcast portal server, or you can register an existing podcast feed that is hosted elsewhere (e.g., on a departmental server).

To create a new podcast feed, choose the Create a new podcast option. This will allow you to create a new feed from scratch, upload episode files to the portal servers, and use the portal forms to enter information about the feed and each episode.

To register an existing podcast feed, choose the Register a podcast option. With this method, you'll need to enter only the existing RSS feed. All other information (e.g., episode titles, durations, descriptions, and images) is gathered directly from the feed itself. The episode files remain on the remote server, and the portal makes the episodes available for searching and promotion.

For policy information on podcast content at Indiana University, refer to Protect IU: Policies from the University Information Policy Office (UIPO). In particular, see Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (IT-01).

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