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For information about emergency notifications at IU, see About emergency notifications at IU.

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Communication during emergency events

In an emergency, Indiana University will send notifications to any or all of the following phone numbers and email addresses currently on file for you:

  • IU office
  • Home
  • Private office/secondary home
  • Cellular
  • Cellular 2
  • Cellular 3
  • IU email
  • *SMS/text
  • Non-IU email
If you do not subscribe to a text messaging package, standard text messaging rates may apply.
To provide the safest possible environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to Indiana University campuses, the university will strive to provide timely, reliable notifications by all possible means in the event of emergency. Generally, an emergency is any incident that involves death, serious injury, or threat of death or serious injury to people; significant damage to university facilities, research materials, property, and/or data; or significant disruption of university operations. University or campus administration will declare an emergency based on the circumstances of a particular situation.

IU uses a variety of methods to provide emergency and safety information, including sirens, public address, web pages, building stewards, residence hall assistants, broadcast and electronic media, and a consolidated communications system. Collectively, these capabilities are called "IU-Notify". More information about these services, as well as current emergency status or preparedness information for IU, is available at Emergencies, Continuity & Planning.

The communication system permits broadcast messages to be quickly sent as voice calls to office, local home, and/or cell phones, and as text messages to cell phones and university and external email accounts. This system will be used to announce and provide guidance in an emergency or crisis, and to communicate relevant critical updates.

The university plans to broadcast a test message once per semester to gauge the system's effectiveness.

Your contact information

Students will receive emergency notifications based on personal information in the university's Student Information Systems, while Human Resources is the source for faculty and staff information.

For more, see About emergency notifications at IU

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