ARCHIVED: At IU, what is the Applied Technologies Laboratory?

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The Applied Technologies Laboratory, under the direction of the Futures Council, carries out rapid test and trial projects on emerging technologies. Activities include research, testing and prototyping, and rapid deployment. Projects include:

  • Thin client computing
  • Next generation wireless
  • Handhelds (cellular, wi-fi, dual mode)
  • Member: Network Master Plan Team
  • Rewiring (inside and outside plant)
  • Network upgrade (Core, Edge)

Technical team:

  • Tom Zeller
  • Mike Enyeart
  • Joe Butler
  • Other team members as projects are chartered

Project team members:

  • Executive Sponsor: Laurie G. Antolovic', Deputy CIO
  • Operations Manager: Rebecca Markland

TechTalk Series

This Applied Technologies Laboratory-sponsored series provides a forum for technology-focused presentations and discussions. Open to all UITS staff and the extended IU IT family, this forum provides IT staff the opportunity to keep up and learn more about new technologies and technology directions. As part of this series, the Applied Technologies Laboratory will invite previews or postviews of presentations made by IT colleagues at national and international conferences.

The Futures Council

Futures Council Charter

Foreword: The capabilities of Information Technology will continue to evolve for the foreseeable future with seemingly endless trajectories in processing power, greater storage, network capabilities, mobility, and more. Using these capabilities wisely is an essential part of a great 21st century university.

The value of new technologies, their price point, fit/integration with existing technologies, and social need for them among the highly heterogeneous set of users at Indiana University impose many decisions of timing, sequence, and investment. Such important decisions should not be left to chance timing or made absent the context of major technological and social trends.

Charge: The Futures Council is chartered as the focal point of technology strategy, forecasting, and assessment for the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer (OVPIT). Its efforts will work in cooperation with University Information Technology Services (UITS) units and the IU community to manage a purposeful process for technology assessment and timing decisions.

Operations: The Futures Council will meet at least quarterly to assess its technology roadmaps, forecasts, results of current IT evaluations, and plans for additional evaluations. It will produce near- and longer-term timelines for rigorous technology evaluation projects and frameworks for adoption. The council will work with and through the Applied Technologies Laboratory for specific trials of new technologies and measured assessment. The Applied Technologies Laboratory will draw on UITS and the broader IU community as appropriate for specific evaluations.

The roadmaps and framework will provide guidance to divisional Associate Vice Presidents, Associate Deans, and their UITS units to continue to make specific vendor and product selections. The AVPs/Associate Deans will continue to lead broader advisory groups with input from faculty, staff, students, and liaising with other campus/university committees to evolve and shape IT services within the Futures Council's strategic IT frameworks. Likewise, these advisory committees may seed ideas, problems, and other opportunities through the Futures Council for Applied Technologies Laboratory evaluation.

Membership: The Futures Council will be co-chaired by the VP for IT and CIO and the Deputy CIO. OVPIT Members will be appointed for two-year terms with other short-term appointments from the IU community as needed.

Dr. Brad Wheeler, VP for IT and CIO, Chair
Laurie G. Antolovic', Deputy CIO, Co-chair

  • Tom Davis
  • Gustav Meglicki
  • Kim Milford
  • Stacy Morrone
  • Vince Sheehan
  • Steve Wallace

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