ARCHIVED: In Oncourse, how do I access a portfolio matrix?

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Oncourse is retired. For details, see About the Oncourse retirement.

To access a portfolio matrix:

  1. Log into Oncourse.
  2. From the tabs along the top of the Oncourse window, select the site containing the matrix (your instructor or the site owner should provide you with the site name). If the site is not visible, click More Sites to see additional sites.
  3. From the menubar, click Matrices.
  4. From the list of matrices, click the title of the matrix you want to access.

When it opens, you will see the columns, rows, and color-coded cells of your copy of the matrix. If you are a participant in the site and have added content to one or more cells, you will see document and file icons in those cells. Cells are coded as follows:

  • "Ready" cells can be opened, and you can add or remove materials, complete forms, or submit the cells for evaluation.
  • "Locked" cells cannot be modified until you have submitted earlier cells for evaluation.
  • "Pending" cells have been submitted for evaluation, and their contents cannot be modified.
  • "Returned" cells have been returned to you by an evaluator for additional material; you can access and modify them just as you can with "Ready" cells.
  • "Completed" cells have been evaluated and, like "Pending" cells, cannot be changed.

If you are an evaluator or reviewer, you can open the matrix for a specific participant by selecting the user's name from the Select User menu.

When you are finished working in a cell, at the bottom of the page, click Return to Matrix. To return to the list of matrices, in the upper-left corner of the "Matrices" page, click Return to List. You can also click the reset buttonReturn to top page of this tool ) to return to the list of matrices.

For more detailed information, see Using the Matrices Tool, For Students.

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