ARCHIVED: In Oncourse Matrices, how do I complete and submit matrix cells?

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To access a portfolio matrix, see ARCHIVED: Accessing a portfolio matrix.

Note: Matrices are highly customizable. The number of rows and columns, their titles, and the contents of each cell can vary widely from one matrix to the next. The instructions presented in this and other help documents are generalized and may not exactly reflect the contents and appearance of the matrix with which you are working.

From your matrix, click the cell with which you wish to work, which should be color-coded as "Ready". When the cell opens, you will see instructions for how to complete the matrix cell. You may also see examples of items you are expected to provide, as well as some rationale for the assignment. You will be doing some or all of the following:

Completing forms

If you see "Form: Form Name" (where "Form Name" is the name of the form) in the "Items" area near the top of the page, you may be expected to add one or more forms to this particular matrix cell. Forms are the electronic counterparts to paper forms. Each form consists of a name, instructions to the user, and a set of custom data entry fields with descriptive field names. The instructions and the field names will guide you in filling in the form appropriately.

To open and complete the form, click Add next to the name of the form. When the form opens, complete the necessary fields, and then click Save Changes.

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Adding artifacts

Artifacts are examples of your work. You add artifacts to a particular matrix cell as instructed to support or demonstrate your mastery of specific learning goals. Artifacts can be almost any type of file (e.g., text files, PowerPoint presentations, video files, audio files, images, the URL for a resource on the web). To attach one or more artifacts to a particular matrix cell:

  1. In the "Items" area of the screen for this cell of the matrix, next to Attachments, click Add.
  2. To attach an item from a Resources folder, in the "Select a resource" section at the bottom of the screen, find the file and, to the right of the file name, click Attach a copy.

    To attach an item from another location (e.g., your hard drive), click Browse. Navigate to the file you want, select it, and click Open.

  3. When you see your file displayed under "Items to attach:", click Continue.
  4. Click Return to Matrix to go back to the matrix. An icon will be visible in the appropriate cell; if you point to it, a pop-up tag will show the name and size of the uploaded item and the date it was last modified.

Note: Assignments in the Assignments tool can be linked to a matrix cell; if so, your work will be automatically added to the cell as an artifact when you submit the assignment.

To remove a file from a matrix cell, click the cell in which it's located, and then click Remove next to the file.

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Adding reflections

If there is a "Reflection" section in your matrix cell, click Add to open the Reflection form. Type your reflection into the form, or copy and paste text from an existing document. When you have finished entering text, click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Pasting text into the rich-text editor should preserve most formatting, but some types of formatting may need to be added manually in the editor after pasting. You can also use the Paste from Word icon to paste from a Microsoft Word document, although this may not preserve every type of formatting. For details, see ARCHIVED: Pasting from Microsoft Word.

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Requesting feedback

Some matrix cells include an option to invite others to review and comment on the content you have added to your cell before you submit it for evaluation. To initiate the feedback process:

  1. Click Request Feedback. Depending on how the feedback process has been configured, you may see one of two screens:
    • If reviewers have been pre-selected by the matrix author, you will see the prompt "Are you sure you want to request feedback on this cell?". Click Send Request to complete the action. The pre-selected reviewers will receive an email notification that your cell is ready to review.
    • If you are prompted to select reviewers:
      1. Select the reviewers from the Users list and click Add>>, or enter a reviewer's username or email address in the text field and click Add. Anyone with a valid IU account (including Guest accounts) can be added as a reviewer.
      2. Click Continue.
      3. Each reviewer will receive an email notification. To include a personal message, enter your text in the "Message" field.
      4. Click Send to notify the selected reviewers.
  2. When a reviewer adds feedback to your cell, you will receive an email notification.

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Submitting for evaluation

When you have added all of the necessary items, filled out any required forms, and completed any required reflections, you can submit the matrix cell for evaluation by clicking Submit Cell for Evaluation. You will be prompted to confirm your submission. Click Submit to confirm and return to the cell.

Note: The Submit Cell for Evaluation button is not visible until you add the first artifact, form, or reflection to the cell. Do not click the button until you have completed all the required tasks and carefully reviewed your work. Once you submit a cell for evaluation, the content in the cell is locked and cannot be revised or deleted.

When you are finished working in the cell, click Return to Matrix at the bottom of the page to return to the full matrix view. The color of the cell you just submitted will have changed to indicate that its status is "Pending". When the cell has been evaluated, you will receive an email notification, and the cell's color will change to show that it is "Completed" (or "Returned", if the evaluator asks you to do additional work). To see the evaluator's comments and rating, open the cell and click the title of the evaluation form(s) in the "Evaluations" area of the cell.

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For more detailed information, see Using the Matrices Tool, For Students.

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