Share third-party software with other XSEDE users

To share third-party software with other users on the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE), you can request a Community Software Area (CSA). A CSA is a common location on an XSEDE digital service for installing executables, scripts, and libraries that will be shared by a community of users.

Once a CSA is created, XSEDE will back up the contents of the directory, advertise the software for others to discover through the XSEDE software catalog, publish software training offered by the provider, and provide software usage statistics.

To request a CSA, you first must request a Startup allocation to gain access to the desired digital service (consult the Resources page for descriptions of XSEDE digital services). After the Startup allocation is approved, contact the XSEDE Help Desk to request the CSA directory on the desired digital service. CSA requests will be honored based on availability of disk space.

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