ARCHIVED: On XSEDE, how do I convert service units on one platform to the equivalent amount on another platform?

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Researchers on the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) can use the SU Converter to convert service units (SUs) on one platform to the equivalent amount on another platform.

Use the conversion calculator when you want to transfer SUs from one XSEDE digital service to another, or for help writing a Research allocation request. Use the drop-down "On this machine" lists to choose which resources to compare, enter the number of SUs under "This many SUs", and look for the result under "Equals this many SUs".

For Research allocation requests or transfers, it is acceptable to round the results to the nearest thousand (e.g., if you convert 10,000 SUs and get 17,921 SUs, round your result to 18,000 SUs).

The conversion calculator uses a weighting factor based on the resources' performance on the HPL benchmark. If a project or group has run benchmarks of its own codes or applications on both resources involved in a requested transfer, XSEDE can convert the SUs using those project-specific benchmarks instead of the default HPL-based conversion factor. Make sure you include such project-specific benchmarks if you submit a transfer request.

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