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When hosting video and audio online, make sure the media player and its interface are accessible. Consider these questions when assessing accessibility:

  • Does the media player support the use of captions, transcripts, and audio description?
  • Are the controls operable using only the keyboard instead of the mouse?
  • Is the media player compatible with assistive technology, such as screen-reading software or voice-recognition software?

Accessible players

Following is a list of video players known to be reasonably accessible:

  • Able Player, an accessible cross-browser media player created by Terrill Thompson
  • Kaltura MediaSpace media player
  • Kaltura media player in Canvas
  • YouTube HTML5 video player
  • PayPal's accessible HTML5 video player
  • JW Player, a popular embeddable media player with accessible features
Able Player is the audio and video player used in the IU Web Framework.

If you are considering using another media player for online multimedia content, be sure to evaluate the player for accessibility.

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