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Siteshare will not be available on IU Sitehosting. To access your account on IU Sitehosting, you will need to use SSH or SFTP. To learn more about the options for connecting to the IU Sitehosting servers, see Connect to the IU Sitehosting servers.

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At Indiana University, Siteshare provides an alternative method of accessing your Webserve account by permitting you to map a network drive to the account. When you map a drive to your account, it will appear as if the account were stored locally on your computer. This permits you to drag and drop files between your computer and your account, and to work with these files in the same manner you do with other files on your computer.

  • Siteshare will only connect to your Webserve account.
  • Webtest and MySQL servers are not available through Siteshare.
  • Siteshare does not give access to the command line interface.

As with any method of accessing your Webserve account, if you are not connected to the IU network, you will need to establish a VPN connection before using Siteshare.

For detailed instructions on configuring and using Siteshare, see the ARCHIVED: Siteshare user guide for Webserve accounts.

Add an affiliate to Siteshare

Web Services Support strongly discourages giving out your Webserve username and passphrase if it can be avoided. If a third-party affiliate needs to upload files, the affiliate can use Siteshare to map a network drive to the account. The third party will need an IU affiliate account to use VPN, and you will have to add the affiliate to the Siteshare access list. Once the affiliate is done uploading files, be sure to remove the affiliate from the Siteshare access list.

To add an affiliate to Siteshare:

  1. Create an IU affiliate account; see Sponsor a computing account for an IU affiliate.
  2. Give the affiliate Siteshare access; see ARCHIVED: Manage Siteshare accounts.
  3. Have the affiliate connect to VPN.
  4. Have the affiliate ARCHIVED: map the Siteshare drive.

The affiliate can now upload content to Webserve by dragging and dropping files to the Siteshare drive.

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