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MedHub is a web-based application designed to house, document, track and monitor institutional requirements and educational experiences for fellows, residents, and students.

Access MedHub

Go to MedHub, and choose the sign-in method most appropriate for your current IU status or affiliation. Currently, the MedHub sign-in page features sign-in methods for both IU account holders and non-IU account holders.

IU accounts

To log in using your IU Login credentials, click the button at the top of the page, which will redirect you to the IU Login page to sign in and complete two-step authentication.

IUSM Students with active training dates may log sign in to MedHub with their IU Login credentials.

IUSM Faculty should use their IU Login credentials.

Non-IU accounts

IU Health Employees, Volunteer Faculty, and those without active training dates who still need to access MedHub should click the Click here to log in using a non-IU account link.

When using this login method, your username will be the local part of your email address that you provided to MedHub (all the characters before the @ symbol), followed by a period (.), and your email domain name (the part after the @ symbol, but before a the top-level domain like .org, .com, or .edu). For example, the email address bobsmith@iuhealth.org becomes bobsmith.iuhealth for the MedHub username.

Access requests

If you believe that you should have access to MedHub, and are unable to access the service using the methods described above, submit a request to the MedHub Support Team.

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