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University Information Technology Services (UITS) and many school/departmental IT Pros comprise an extended IT team at Indiana University. This close partnership provides essential input and feedback that is especially helpful in assessing university-wide IT support and services requirements, the use of resources, and the impact on the user community of implementing various services and initiatives. Continuing to strengthen this partnership is essential for an increasingly digitally enabled university.


The 1IUIT Leadership Council is chartered as a representative, strategic (forward-looking) group of campus IT directors, managers, and staff that embodies the collective voice of university IT support professionals. It is well positioned to participate in collaboration on strategic IT partnerships throughout the university and improve IT services and support at IU. It serves in an essential advisory capacity to the Associate Vice President for Client Services and Support in the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and CIO.


Members of the 1IUIT Leadership Council are invited from the university community by the AVP for Client Services and Support, in consultation with school deans and heads of major administrative units. The members meet at least quarterly and represent the IT operation and support functions of their respective schools, administrative units, and the university community in general. Members are appointed for two years; memberships may be renewed for additional terms of service.

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