At IU, how do I connect to UniCom from outside of the ADS domain?

Use Microsoft Skype for Business/Lync to access Indiana University's UniCom service.

With IU UniCom, you can use Skype for Business/Lync from remote locations as well as on campus. Calls made with these UniCom clients use your office phone number, no matter where you are.

The first time you call with UniCom from outside of IU, you will need to connect to IU'S SSL VPN. Afterwards, you should not need to connect to UniCom through the VPN again. For help, see About the IU VPN.

If you are using a computer that is not joined to the ADS domain, when you start Skype for Business/Lync, you will see a sign-in screen. (Computers joined to the ADS domain will sign into Skype for Business/Lync automatically when you log into your computer.)

  1. Under "Sign-in address:", type your sign-in address, which is usually the same as your email address; see For UniCom, what is my sign-in address?
  2. Under "User name:" type ads\username, replacing username with your Network ID username.
  3. Under "Password:", type your Network ID passphrase.
  4. Click Sign In, or press Enter.

For an introduction to UniCom, including how-to PDFs and videos, see UniCom.

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