About Empowering People (ITSP2)

Empowering People (EP) is Indiana University's comprehensive strategic plan for information technology. Designed to be visionary, realistic, and relevant to the mission of IU, it will achieve efficiencies in IT resources while enabling greater productivity for faculty, staff, and students. Over the next five years, it will build on IU's IT-established infrastructure, work to develop a more human-centric approach to IT, and address grand challenges for IU in the use of IT.

The first draft was developed by more than 140 members of the university community, then reviewed by a wider university population and adapted into its final form based on the input gathered in forums, discussions, town hall meetings, and comments received via email.

The IU community and other stakeholders took part in developing the plan. With this website, we invite you to stay engaged with IT strategic planning for IU as we move forward with implementing the plan.

EP comprises 12 general recommendations and 72 action items. The latter specify the initiatives and activities associated with meeting the plan's recommendations.

Each action item will have an implementation plan describing the projects and initiatives that go into completing the action. To send questions, comments, and ideas, use the email form.

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