Record a greeting in UniCom Enterprise Voice

From any telephone or Skype for Business on a Mac

If you're running Skype for Business for Windows, to use your desk phone to record your voice mail greeting, press and hold down 1 on your telephone, and follow the prompts.

The Skype for Business voicemail remote dial-in feature is currently not available, but you can use the Skype for Business (Windows) app from IUanyWare to access voicemail.

Skype for Business for Windows

  1. Click the Phone icon ( Skype for Business Phone icon) near the top of your Skype for Business window.
  2. Click the Display voice mail options icon ( Skype for Business Display voice mail options icon) just below the keypad, and select Change Greetings.
  3. Your Skype for Business client will call the voice mail system. Follow the prompts to record your greeting.

Alternatively, you can search in Skype for Business for "Exchange Voice Mail", and add the search result as a contact. You can then use this contact to call the voice mail system.

Skype for Business for Mac

  1. Open Skype for Business.
  2. In the Mac menu bar, select Skype for Business, and then select Preferences.
  3. Select Calls.
  4. Select Change Voicemail Greeting, and then follow the prompts to record your greeting.

Outlook Web App (OWA)

OWA has the same functionality across major browsers in most cases. For help using OWA, with your Inbox displayed, click ? (the question mark) at the top right.
  1. Log into OWA.
  2. Click the Settings icon (looks like a gear). Click Options.
  3. In the left navigation bar, click phone.
  4. Click voice mail (usually this is the default selection).
  5. To hear or set a personalized voice mail message, scroll down, and then under "greetings", click Call me to play or record the selected greeting.... This will make the system call the number attached to the voice mail account. Pick up this call, and then follow the voice prompts to set your greeting.

If you have trouble

If you are unable to find the voice mail options listed below, make sure you are logged into your computer with the account in which you enabled Outlook Voice Mail integration. Logging into the computer with a different account may not propagate the voice mail settings correctly.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

For an introduction to UniCom, including how-to PDFs and videos, see UniCom.

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