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Associating a site with the Matrices tool in a portfolio site allows instructors to link an assignment or matrix cell to one or more cells in a matrix. When students submit the linked item, their submissions are added to the appropriate cells in the target matrix.

Note: If you want to link an assignment or matrix cell in the same site as the target matrix, first associate the site with itself.

If your site is associated with the Matrices tool in a portfolio site, you can also request the roster syncing feature, which allows the roster of the portfolio site to be dynamically updated based on the rosters of associated sites. Roster syncing is disabled by default in new portfolio sites. For more, see ARCHIVED: Maintaining the portfolio site roster.

Normally, the coordinator or owner of the site containing the target matrix creates and removes site associations. In order to make the association, the coordinator must be a member (in any role) in the site to be associated.

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Creating site associations

In the portfolio site containing the target matrix (or matrices):

  1. From the menubar, choose Matrices.
  2. From the main Matrices page, choose Manage Site Associations. Sites already associated with the Matrices tool appear on the Manage Site Associations page with the title, site ID, and status for each.
  3. To associate one or more sites, click Associate Additional Sites.
  4. You will see a list of the sites in which you are a member. Check the box(es) for site(s) you wish to associate, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Associate Sites.

    Note: If you don't see the site you want to associate, you can use the "Show" drop-down list to change the number of sites displayed or use the arrow buttons to navigate between the pages. You can also search for a particular site by the site's title or full ID. If you still don't see it, you may not be a member of the site.

  5. You will be prompted to save your selections on the Confirm Site Association Changes page.
  6. Click Save to confirm your selections.

Once a site is associated with the Matrices tool, any assignment or matrix cell in the site can be linked to one or more matrix cells in the site with which it has been associated. See ARCHIVED: Linking an assignment to a portfolio matrix cell and ARCHIVED: Linking a matrix cell to another matrix cell.

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Removing site associations

Note: When a site association is removed, all linked submissions (i.e., linked assignments and/or matrix cells) will be deleted from the matrices in the current site. In addition, if roster syncing was enabled in the previously associated site, members of that site will be removed from the portfolio site unless they are members of another synced site or were added to the portfolio site manually. Normally, once a site has been associated and students have submitted linked items, the association should remain in effect indefinitely.

To remove site associations:

  1. From the menubar of the portfolio site, choose Matrices.
  2. From the main Matrices page, choose Manage Site Associations.
  3. Check the box(es) next to the site(s) in question, and click Remove Association.
  4. Click Remove to confirm the action.

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