ARCHIVED: In Oncourse, how do I export or import a portfolio matrix?

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You can export a matrix scaffolding (i.e., all of the structure, guidance, and forms) and then import it into the same site or another site.

Exporting a matrix

  1. From the menubar of the relevant site, choose Matrices.
  2. Next to the matrix you wish to export, click Export.
  3. Choose to Save the file, and be sure to remember the filename and location of the exported file. The file will be saved as a .zip file.

Importing a matrix

Before you can import a matrix, you need access to an exported matrix in .zip format.

  1. From the menubar in your portfolio site, choose Matrices.
  2. From the menu near the top of the page, choose Import.
  3. On the "Import Scaffolding" page, click Choose File....
  4. On the "Add Attachment" page, you can:
    • Select the file if it has already been uploaded to a Resources folder. Click Select next to the file if it is in the current site, or click Show other sites to navigate to the site containing the matrix .zip file you wish to import, and then click Select.
    • Upload the matrix .zip file if it is not already in Resources. From the Add menu next to the appropriate folder, choose Upload Files. Click Browse to navigate to the appropriate file on your local computer, and select it. You can import several files at one time by choosing Add Another File, and you can choose to send email notification. When you have chosen all the files you wish to upload, click Upload Files Now.
  5. At the bottom of the page, click Continue.
  6. Click Import to import the file and open the matrix for editing.

Once you have imported the matrix scaffolding, you can publish it as is or modify the structure, guidance, and/or forms as desired. For detailed instructions, see ARCHIVED: Adding or revising the settings, guidance, forms, reviewers, and evaluators in a matrix cell.

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