ARCHIVED: Completed project: Centralized SharePoint environment

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Primary UITS contact: Brian Hughes

Completed: February 3, 2010

Description: This project will bring a centralized and university-wide Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 environment to Indiana University. SharePoint allows collaboration and enterprise content management, along with the creation of workflows and electronic forms. Its integration with Microsoft Office allows a near seamless experience. Microsoft is also positioning SharePoint as the eventual replacement of Exchange Public Folders.

Outcome: Project goals are to:

  • Improve productivity and innovation by implementing advanced collaboration tools and online document management
  • Enhance collaboration by delivering standards-based collaboration tools to our clients in a secure fashion
  • Affirm IU's leadership in collaboration technologies
  • Minimize the need for individual departments to deploy their own SharePoint environments
  • Provide service consistency across the university
  • Prepare to transition from Exchange Public Folders to SharePoint

Milestones and status:

  • November 2007: Procured hardware for SharePoint
  • January 2008: Held initial pilot planning meeting
  • March 2008: Began building and installing SharePoint on the servers
  • April 2008: Worked with Microsoft engineers to fix compatibility issues
  • May 2008: Started provisioning sites for pilot users
  • August 2008: Began advertising the SharePoint project in order to increase pilot testing and use within the university
  • September 2009: Enabled MySites for all IU staff and faculty. Visit


  • Allows collaboration and online content management
  • Permits document repositories to store, track changes, and expire documents based on defined policies
  • Tight integration with the Microsoft Office system
  • Centralized search that is secure and context-aware, and permits granular control
  • Online document management allows easier collaboration and a centralized search.
  • Social computing tools allow communities to work together using wikis, blogs, and RSS feeds.

Project team: The project team is made up of the UITS Messaging team, as well as selected members from other areas of UITS and the university.

Governance: Contact IT Professional Services and Support

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