ARCHIVED: Completed project: IU Knowledge Base Wiki (IU Knowledge Commons)

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Primary UITS contact: Mark Lynch

Completed: June 30, 2010

Description: This project will provide a wiki interface to content imported from the IU Knowledge Base. In addition to official KB information, it will provide a platform for content and comments contributed from the IU community. Anyone with an IU Network ID will be able to create, edit, or comment on an entry.

Outcome: The purpose of the project is to determine whether the tools and configuration can facilitate contributions to the KB that add value for end users. If successful, the IU Knowledge Commons wiki could be promoted as an extension of the current KB, and the functionality could be integrated into the next version of the KB itself.

Milestones and status:

  • May 2008: Initial prototype complete
  • July 2008: Interface revised; KB content imported and updated
  • August 2008: Alpha version deployed on test system; departments invited to partner
  • September 2008: KB update syncing script improved; default Confluence search substituted for advanced search plug-in; document ID and some metadata now displayed; menus re-arranged; add/last edit line relocated to bottom of documents
  • November 2008: Departments import and create content in private spaces
  • January 2009: Service moved to an ARCHIVED: Intelligent Infrastructure virtual server
  • March 2009: UITS staff invited to participate in KB wiki space
  • June 2009: Transition from prototype/test Confluence instance to Enterprise Confluence instance begun
  • July 2009: Department spaces migrated to Enterprise Confluence instance
  • August 2009: Site officially named "IU Knowledge Commons"
  • November 2009: Official release begins, as follows:

    Soft launch (November 23 - December 18):

    • Methodology: Email announcement and ongoing dialogue with members
    • Target groups:
      • Design & Multimedia User Group (November 17)
      • Public Affairs & Government Relations (November 17)
      • Sustainability movement (November 22)
      • ITOC (December 2)
      • IT Managers Council (December 2)
      • LSP announcement (December 3)
      • UITS announcement (December 3)
      • CLIP pilot students (December 4)
      • Others (as identified)
  • February 2010: Transitioned to new Confluence version 3.1
  • March 2010: Begin collaboration with student groups as communities of interest
  • April 2010: Move space to another instance of Confluence


  • Facilitate participation by multiple departments at IU
  • Encourage IU community members to contribute and comment on content
  • Increase the ease of adding and updating content
  • Increase the speed of updating content
  • Provide a method for community rating of content value

Project team: The KB development staff, Online Support, and partnering departments

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