About your scratch or project directory on the Data Capacitor II or DC-WAN2 file system

At Indiana University, the Data Capacitor II (DC2) and Data Capacitor Wide Area Network 2 (DC-WAN2) file systems are mounted on Big Red II, Carbonate, and Karst. In the following examples, replace username with your IU username or project_name with the name of your project:

  • Locate your DC2 scratch directory or DC-WAN2 project directory: On Big Red II, Carbonate, or Karst, your DC2 scratch directory will be mounted at /N/dc2/scratch/username. If you have project space on the DC-WAN2 file system, it will be mounted at /N/dcwan/projects/project_name.
  • View permissions: To view the permissions for files and directories in your DC2 scratch space or DC-WAN2 project space, use the ls -al command; for example:
      ls -al /N/dc2/scratch/username
      ls -al /N/dcwan/projects/project_name

    The output also will include owner and group information for the files and directories at those locations.

  • Determine how much space you're using: To determine how much space you're using in your DC2 scratch space or DC-WAN2 project space, use the du -sh command; for example:
      du -sh /N/dc2/scratch/username
      du -sh /N/dcwan/projects/project_name

For technical support or general information about the DC2 and DC-WAN2 file systems, contact the UITS High Performance File Systems group.

For after-hours support, call Data Center Operations (812-855-9910), and ask to have High Performance File Systems contacted.

To receive maintenance and downtime information, subscribe to the hpfs-maintenance-l@indiana.edu mailing list; see Subscribe to an IU List mailing list.

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