ARCHIVED: Common Moab scheduler commands

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Frequently used Moab job scheduler commands include:

Moab command Function
showq Display the jobs in the Moab job queue.
(Jobs may be in a number of states; "running" and "idle" are the most common.)
checkjob jobid Check the status of a job (jobid). For verbose mode, add -v (for example, checkjob -v jobid).
showstart jobid Show an estimate of when your job (jobid) might start.
mdiag -f Show fairshare information.
checknode node_name Check the status of a node (node_name).
showres Show current reservations.
showbf Show intervals and node counts presently available for backfill jobs.
In older versions of Moab, use diagnose -f instead of mdiag -f to view fairshare information.

For more Moab commands and their descriptions, see the Adaptive Computing Scheduler Commands page.

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