ARCHIVED: Completed project: Adobe CS4 self-study training materials

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Primary UITS Contact: Chris Payne

Completed: February 24, 2009

Description: In support of Empowering People (ITSP2) Action 26, UITS IT Training made CS4 versions of its basic Adobe STEPS workshop training materials available to the statewide IU community at no charge. Said materials are available through IUware to any user eligible to download Adobe CS4 software for free.

This offering includes PDF versions of the following STEPS workshop materials:

  • Acrobat: Enhancing Electronic Documents
  • Dreamweaver: The Basics
  • Fireworks: The Basics
  • Flash: The Basics
  • Illustrator: The Basics
  • InDesign: The Basics
  • Photoshop: The Basics

Outcome: Since UITS IT Training's STEPS workshops in Adobe applications are still taught in their CS3 versions, the goal of this project is to help get the IU community up and running in the CS4 version of all of the above listed applications. This will benefit users who have acquired the free Adobe CS4 software that is currently available by putting the training they need in their hands now.

Milestones and status:

  • Update all basic STEPS workshop materials on Adobe applications to use CS4 versions of the applications they are teaching Completed January 20-February 13, 2009
  • Publish those CS4 materials on IUware Completed February 2009

Comment process: As part of this process, IT Training created a self-study materials evaluation form and has established links to said form in the materials themselves. This gives users of the materials an opportunity to give IT Training feedback on their experience in using them.

Benefits: This helps address the needs outlined in ITSP2 Action 26, which calls for training to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a wide range of topics and skill levels and delivered in multiple modalities. Users are able to access these materials at any time with an Internet connection, and can also print the materials. This also addresses the immediate need for providing core training resources in Adobe CS4 applications to the IU community.

Related information: The links for this service are in the Training section of the IUware site. Access to the materials is also cross-linked from the areas in IUware where the Adobe CS4 applications are available for download.

Risks: UITS IT Training is a partial cost recovery unit which relies on STEPS workshop enrollment to meet income targets. Making materials available online at no charge may reduce income.

Issues: IT Training uses the STC build in its classrooms, and therefore will not be teaching STEPS workshops in CS4 versions until the software is available in that build. That is expected to happen in the summer of 2009.

Primary client: Faculty, staff and students in the statewide IU system who have downloaded free Adobe CS4 applications.

Client impact: We expect that clients will appreciate the ability to access high-quality Adobe CS4 training materials at the time and location that suits them best, and that this service offering will help them get up to speed in the new versions of these applications quickly.

Project team:

  • Chris Payne (project manager)
  • IT Training professional staff team (authors, editors, and publishers)

Governance: This service offering and its content is managed by the professional staff team of UITS IT Training, working together with the IUware service providers.

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