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Indiana University's iStream service has reached end of life and is being retired; it has been replaced by Zoom and Kaltura. If you used the iStream service, UITS encourages you to move to Zoom or Kaltura.

At Indiana University, the iStream service provides live streaming and recording of videoconferences for on-demand access, with a choice of video and audio, or audio-only formats. Faculty and staff members can request to have videoconference meetings or presentations streamed live and recorded from any room equipped with a room system.

Advanced reservations for this service are required. Make reservations for one-time events at least one week in advance. Make reservations for semester classes at least three weeks in advance of the start of classes. To make a reservation, complete the Request an Event Stream form.


Before you stream or record your videoconference, make sure:

  • The content is suitable for public release.
  • All participants, at all locations, are aware of and agree to the recording, broadcast, storage, and retrieval by others of the conference content.

iStream administrators will provide the URL for a videoconference (live stream and/or archived file) only to the person who initially requested the streaming. Distribution of the URL to participants is at the requester's discretion.

For help or to learn more, contact UITS Classroom & Conferencing Support (, 812-856-2020, Skype for Business/Lync: cthelp).

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