ARCHIVED: In Oncourse Blogs, how do I add a blog entry?

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Note: To include an image in your blog entry, first upload it to Resources; see ARCHIVED: Resources.

To add a blog entry:

  1. From within the Blogs tool, click Add blog entry.
  2. Type a title for the entry in the "Title" field.
  3. Type your entry in the rich-text editor. You can save your work by clicking Save Draft at the bottom of the page. To resume editing an entry you have saved, on the blog page, click Edit Entry under the appropriate blog.

    Note: Pasting text into the rich-text editor should preserve most formatting, but some types of formatting may need to be added manually in the editor after pasting. You can also use the Paste from Word icon to paste from a Microsoft Word document, although this may not preserve every type of formatting. For details, see ARCHIVED: Pasting from Microsoft Word.

  4. To add an image, click the Insert/Edit Image icon. In the window that opens, paste the URL of the file; see ARCHIVED: Finding the URL of a Resources item.
  5. Use the radio buttons below the rich-text editor to select who can see the entry. Choose from:
    • Only site administrators and I can see this entry: In most course sites, this makes the entry private between you and your instructor(s).
    • All members of this site can see this entry (default setting)
    • This entry is publicly viewable
  6. To publish the entry, click Publish entry.

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