ARCHIVED: At IU, what options exist for student response devices?

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Top Hat is replacing TurningPoint Cloud as Indiana University's integrated student response system in 2017. TurningPoint Cloud will continue to be available for spring and summer terms, but will no longer be supported in fall 2017. Instructors planning to use Top Hat for summer or fall 2017 should complete the Top Hat planning form to ensure wireless coverage and technology support is available.

For spring 2017, two types of student response systems are integrated with Canvas at Indiana University: Top Hat, and various options from Turning Technologies, LLC. For more about the Turning Technologies software, see ARCHIVED: About TurningPoint Cloud at IU (Retired). For details about Turning Technologies hardware, see below.

All Turning Technologies products can work in the same classroom. Instructors may allow all of them or may require (or disallow) a specific option. There are no registration fees. Students in different classes may share devices. Students with several classes requiring a Turning Technologies response device may be able to use the same device (refer to the table below).


The ResponseCard NXT is being replaced by the QT Device. NXT devices will continue to work, but any new orders for the NXT will be filled by the QT.

Product Compatibility Model number/ISBN
ResponseCard RF LCD

Photo of ResponseCard RF LCD

Features and specifications
You cannot use the RF LCD model in classes requiring the QT model.

You can use the QT in any class requiring a Turning Technologies device. This model replaces the ResponseCard NXT.
Model: RCQR-01

(browser-based or mobile app)

Photo of ResponseWare Web App on a mobile device

Features and specifications
On an Android or iOS device, download the mobile app. On a laptop, access the browser-based version.

You can use ResponseWare in any class requiring a Turning Technologies device if the instructor permits use of laptops or mobile devices.
RWW-12 (1-year)
RWW-48 (4-year)

978-1-934931-37-0 (1-year)
978-1-934931-38-7 (4-year)

If you are an instructor and would like more information about using student response systems in your classes, contact your campus teaching and learning center.

TurningPoint 5 is no longer available for managing student polling data with Turning Technologies. Instructors should use ARCHIVED: TurningPoint Cloud instead.

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