ARCHIVED: How do I get started using Turning Technologies in my course?

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Top Hat is replacing TurningPoint Cloud as Indiana University's integrated student response system in 2017. TurningPoint Cloud will continue to be available for spring and summer terms, but will no longer be supported in fall 2017. Instructors planning to use Top Hat for summer or fall 2017 should complete the Top Hat planning form to ensure wireless coverage and technology support is available.

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As part of the agreement with Turning Technologies, any Indiana University instructor who will be using the response system is eligible to receive, at no cost, an instructor kit, which will contain one receiver, one PresenterCard, and one ResponseCard of your choice, as long as student ResponseCards are required for the course. To receive an instructor kit directly from Turning Technologies, complete the Turning Technologies online form. Allow two weeks for delivery. Alternatively, you may request one from your campus teaching and learning center, or from IU's Turning Technologies representative:

Ben West
708-408-4084 (direct)
866-746-3015 (toll free)
330-884-6065 (fax)

Instructors may request instructor kits for course AI/UTAs. If AI/UTAs will be running polling sessions and need receivers for their sections, specify this in your message. Instructors must keep AI/UTA kits for reuse.


TurningPoint 5 is no longer available for managing student polling data with Turning Technologies. Instructors should use ARCHIVED: TurningPoint Cloud instead.

Response options

All Turning Technologies response options can work in the same classroom. Instructors may allow all of them or may require (or disallow) a specific option. For more, see ARCHIVED: At IU, what options exist for student response devices?

When you have decided which options you will use, order the appropriate number of ResponseCards or licenses for your class from your campus bookstore. Use the P/N number and/or ISBN number, found in ARCHIVED: At IU, what options exist for student response devices?

Your students will need to register their devices in your Canvas course site; see ARCHIVED: Setting up a Turning account. Also, in Canvas, the TurningPoint Cloud tool is hidden by default, so you must add it to your course navigation menu; see ARCHIVED: Adding TurningPoint Cloud to your course navigation in Canvas.

Learning to use the software

For information about using TurningPoint Cloud in Canvas, see Canvas and TurningPoint Cloud (in PDF format).

If you need help or have a question about using TurningPoint Cloud in Canvas at IU, contact the UITS Mission Critical team. You also can contact your campus Support Center directly; consultants will be best able to help during the following hours:

  • Monday-Thursday 7am-10pm
  • Friday 7am-5pm
  • Saturday noon-8pm
  • Sunday 10am-10pm

Instructors can get help using technology in their teaching at the teaching and learning centers on each campus.

To view TurningPoint Cloud user guides (for Mac and PC), sign up for live, instructor-led training webinars, or watch video tutorials, visit the TurningPoint Technologies Turning Technologies Support Resources page.

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