ARCHIVED: How do I use my Turning Technologies ResponseCard RF or RF LCD?

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Top Hat is replacing TurningPoint Cloud as Indiana University's integrated student response system in 2017. TurningPoint Cloud will continue to be available for spring and summer terms, but will no longer be supported in fall 2017. Instructors planning to use Top Hat for summer or fall 2017 should complete the Top Hat planning form to ensure wireless coverage and technology support is available.

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Joining a channel

By default, Turning Technologies systems are set up for Channel 41. You should only change the channel if your instructor tells you to do so. The clicker remembers what channel you last joined.

To join a channel:

  1. Press the GO or Ch button (whichever appears on your device).
  2. While the light is flashing red and green, enter the two-digit channel code.
  3. Press the GO or Ch button.

With the ResponseCard RF LCD, you will see the channel code displayed in the LCD window when the device is on.

Answering a question

To answer a question, press the button for the answer you want recorded. With the ResponseCard RF, the green light comes on for a few seconds as confirmation that your answer has been received. With the ResponseCard RF LCD, in addition to the green light, you will see the answer you selected in the LCD window. There is no power button; the device automatically turns itself on and off.

Understanding signals

The light on the device will flash different colors to signal different events:

  • Green: Confirmation that your instructor's receiver has received a response from your ResponseCard
  • Orange/yellow (single flash): Polling is not open; with the ResponseCard RF LCD, you will also see a circle with a line through it in the LCD window.
  • Orange/yellow (multiple flashes): Response is in the process of sending
  • Red: Your response is not received by the instructor's receiver; make sure your ResponseCard is set to the right channel and that your instructor is asking a question.
  • Green and red: Your ResponseCard is in channel changing mode.

Replacing the batteries

The card is powered by two coin cell CR2032 (3.0V) lithium batteries. The average battery life is 6 to 12 months; the LCD window on the ResponseCard RF LCD displays a battery life indicator. You will need a #3 Phillips screwdriver to remove the battery cover if you need to replace the batteries.

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