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Primary UITS contact: Nathaniel A. Johnson

Completed: August 2011

Description: IU Mobile is a service gateway designed specifically for mobile devices. The gateway, located at, offers convenient online access to information about IU and all its campuses, including news, campus alerts, a student and staff address directory, classifieds, and Oncourse, the university's collaboration and learning environment.

  • IU Mobile - Web: Those in the IU community carry a wide variety of mobile phones from very basic to feature-rich models, such as the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android devices. IU Mobile is built on the Kuali Mobility Enterprise framework, which uses JQuery Mobile as the web tier. JQuery Mobile supports a broad range of mobile devices.
  • IU Mobile Native Applications: IU Mobile is accessible via the Apple AppStore and Google Play. The native applications provide access to the same set of services that the mobile web supports. In the future, the native applications will take advantage of the devices' capabilities not accessible to a web app.
  • Unauthenticated services: Services that do not require authentication are an important part of the mobile offering. Unless a service provides user-specific information (such as Oncourse), or is restricted for use by current IU community members (such as Classifieds), IU Mobile will not require authentication for use. Many services, such as maps, news, and events, are helpful for visitors, and will be available to anyone that accesses the mobile site.
  • Authenticated services: Authentication on the mobile platform is critical to long-term mobility success, but our current mechanisms for providing authentication (username and passphrase) do not lend themselves to quickly or effectively being able to access IU services that require authentication. Mobile CAS is in place to alleviate the task of having to log in every time the user visits the site. With mobile CAS, users only need to log in once per day. If a device is lost or stolen, the user can deactivate the authentication by going into account management and changing his or her IU passphrase.

Over time, a variety of services will be offered as the mobile team partners with all campuses to create applications specific to the needs of each campus's target audiences. In an effort to cultivate a culture of continuous innovation for mobility at IU, and to provide users with what they desire most in this environment, the service asks for feedback. This gives users a way to request additional applications for IU Mobile and to make suggestions for the continued development and improvement of the service. Feedback from users will drive decisions on what to include within IU Mobile and help us determine priority for planned additions and enhancements.

Comment process: Please submit comments, suggestions, and requests to collaborate on this effort to

Benefits: Provides users at all IU campuses with pertinent information via their mobile devices. Systems designed specifically for mobile will load more quickly and display in a more usable manner than standard sites, allowing users to more efficiently access desired information.

Project team:

  • Brian McGough, Director, Enterprise Service Integration & Delivery
  • Nathaniel A. Johnson, Manager, Enterprise Service Presentation & Delivery

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