ARCHIVED: Completed project: IMU STC renovation

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Primary UITS contact: Doug Grover

Completed: October 5, 2009

Description: In response to student feedback from the Board of Aeons and the Union Board, UITS and the Indiana Memorial Union worked together to renovate the west end of the IMU, expanding the existing Student Technology Center (STC) to meet increasing demand for individual workstations, soft seating for study and laptop use, and furniture supportive of collaboration. Planning was an iterative process, starting in March 2009, going through several options for space before settling on the area formerly occupied by the pottery studio and wet darkroom. Demolition began in May, with a target completion date of August 16. Minor construction details and a fire at the factory of one of our furniture vendors set this date back, and the official grand opening was held September 16.

Outcome: While a small amount of the original STC was closed off to create space for another department in the IMU, a similar amount of space was walled off at the end of the existing billiards room to create a new entryway from the hall, also allowing us to open up the limestone arches that had been sealed off years ago, now emphasizing the design known as "collegiate gothic" that characterizes many IU buildings. Opening up the pottery studio and wet darkroom space added about 2,500 square feet, and we now are able to provide:

  • 30 individual Windows and 7 individual Macintosh workstations
  • Work areas with movable tables and seating
  • Lounge chair seating with laptop arm tables with storage bins
  • 5 Macintosh express workstations
  • Wireless connectivity throughout
  • 4 collaborative media tables with 40-inch flat screens for projection
  • Black-and-white, color, and mini-plotter printing
  • Scanners

Staffed by both Support Center and Technology Center Consulting consultants, the IMU STC now offers a similar broad spectrum of services and functionality previously available only in the Information Commons.

Project team:

  • Thom Simmons, Associate Executive Director, IMU
  • Anastasia Morrone, Associate Dean, UITS Learning Technologies
  • Gary Chrzastowski, Assistant Director, IMU
  • David Donaldson, Director, UITS Learning Technologies
  • Jack Kannady, Facilities Manager, IMU
  • Beverly Teach, Manager, UITS Learning Technologies
  • Doug Grover, Manager, UITS Learning Technologies
  • Kelly Reed, Designer, University Architects Office

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