About Verizon discounts for IU employees

Indiana University Bloomington and Indianapolis faculty and staff qualify for a 15% discount on equipment and service from Verizon, except on unlimited plans. For instant discounts and access to the best prices, make all of your Verizon purchases online at www.verizon.com. You can take your new equipment to Verizon stores for help with setup even if you bought it online.


To apply for the IU employee discount, you must:

  • Use the profile ID 130671.
  • Verify employment with your paystub; because both students and employees have IU email addresses, validating with your email address will not work. The account must be in an employee's name.

If you're not yet a Verizon customer, sign up for service. Once you have a Verizon user ID or mobile number, go to verizon.com/discounts/ and use the link for existing customers to log in. Follow the prompts to apply your discount.

For assistance, dial *611.

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