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Verizon Wireless offers the following discounts to Indiana University employees:

  • 15% monthly discount (qualifying voice plans $34.99 and higher)
  • Free activation (2 year contracts; online only)
  • 25% discount on select accessories (accessories with prices ending in .97 do not qualify)
  • Special corporate discounts on phones

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New Verizon customers

If you wish to sign up for new service with Verizon, see the IU Employee Verizon site, or email christy.carter1@verizonwireless.com.

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Existing Verizon customers

First registration for discounted service

If you are an existing Verizon customer but don't receive discounted service, complete the following steps to register:

Note: Only the Verizon account holder needs to verify employment.

  1. Go to the IU Employee Verizon site, and under "Existing Verizon wireless customers", click Enroll Now.
  2. After enrolling, you will be routed to Verizon's employee verification site. Complete the required fields and click Continue.
  3. Note: At this point, you'll need to submit a copy of your pay stub. Although an option appears to validate by work email address, this function will not be successful for IU employees.

    You can submit your pay stub either electronically or via postal mail. The top section of your pay stub, with both IU and your name, will be sufficient.

    • Submit a digital copy: Save the file to your computer in JPEG, JPG, PNG, or GIF format. Then:
      1. Click Validate by Paystub. (Since the IU discount is for faculty and staff only, the option to verify employment by email address doesn't work.)
        • Complete the "Corporate HQ" fields, using:
          Indiana University
          400 East Seventh St
          Bloomington IN 47405
        • Enter the required employee information, and then click Continue.
      2. Click Browse, and navigate to the saved digital copy of your paystub. Click Upload.
      3. A submission confirmation page will display with the confirmation number for status tracking purposes, and you should receive a status notification via email within five days.
    • Send a copy of your paystub via postal mail:
      1. At the bottom of the form, select send a copy of your paystub via mail.
      2. Complete the "Contact Information" and "Employee Information" sections of the Discount Eligibility form, and click Continue.
      3. Click Print Completed Form.
      4. Mail the printed form, along with a copy of a paystub that meets the guidelines stated above, to:
        Verizon Wireless Employment Validation
        Program Code 50-001
        PO Box 540002
        El Paso, TX 88554-9901
      5. Upon receipt of the submission, a status notification will be sent by mail within 10 days.

This will add the 15% discount to your current account without affecting your contract date or length of your current plan.


Periodic verification of employment is required to renew your discount eligibility. To renew your discount eligibility, visit It's Time to Renew Your Discount and follow the steps above, beginning with Step 3.

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